Lip Vase 03
Lip Vase 03
Lip Vase 03
Lip Vase 03

Lip Vase 03

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This is a uniquely designed hand built vase made by intricately joining slabs of clay together. The vase has a short curvy form with a narrow mouth. This particular vase has a geometric sculptural pattern on the outside. Use it as a vase to display a beautiful floral arrangement or just by itself to enhance the aesthetics of your home decor. 

The vase is glazed in a beautiful matte blue-green. The feel of the vase is smooth all over.

This is a "seconds" piece, it may have a minor defect.

Sizes- 17cm x 09cm x 10cm (Width x Height x Depth)

The piece has been fired at 1260°C over a duration of 8 hours.